Welcome to Wild Blue Heron Center (434)295-0635

Welcome to Wild Blue Heron Center (434)295-0635

Welcome to Wild Blue Heron Center (434)295-0635Welcome to Wild Blue Heron Center (434)295-0635Welcome to Wild Blue Heron Center (434)295-0635

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Nature-based programs, transformative events, private and group session psychotherapy, courses, workshops, bodywork, and retreats


Nature-based programs

Strengthening connections to nature


Transformative events

Community building and healing

Ongoing Course: EARTH CIRCLE - Journey Through Nature

This course centers on an aspect of nature every two weeks. We will explore how this particular aspect of nature reflects Spirit's action in one's particular life journey. We will connect with the healing of Spirit, and the gift of Spirit's nature-based teachings of change, abundance, limits, and potential.

We will use imagination to enter the enchanted reality of real communion with Nature. We will explore our dreams which suggest a longing and perhaps even grief at one's distance from Wild Nature - our own wild nature, and that of Mother Earth.

Walking the trails along the river, ceremony, and arts and crafts projects will be incorporated into the process.

Limited to 8 participants. Non-denominational. $15 per session. NEW COURSES ARE ON-GOING. Earth Circle participants meet every other Sunday (6 sessions). Refreshments will be served. Interested participants: Contact Victoria Moore at (434) 295-0635 to register.

Wisdom Circles

WISDOM CIRCLES, a monthly open gathering (first Sundays)

Participants are invited to share ideas and discuss issues of concern in an inclusive, compassionate, life-affirming community. This resilient community creates hopeful possibilities arising through our collaboration and reciprocity with others.

Guest Speaker: TBA

(postponed until further notice)

Please come and enjoy this free event!

DATE: First Sundays 



Spring Equinox EVENT canceled

The Wild Blue Heron Center will NOT be holding the 2020 Spring Equinox Ceremony and Celebration on March 22nd as planned. This decision was made because of the corona virus need for social distancing.

Our prayers go out to everyone to remain as calm and centered as possible as we move through this difficult period on our dear Earth. May we find courage, compassion, and kindness as Earth Citizens. May we show our gratitude to The Creator, our ancestors, and by helping the people, plants, animals, and life in our communities and environment.

Love is the answer. Love is all there is.

Please take a few minutes to link with the energy of all of us

in a sacred spiritual circle at 3 PM on March 22:

1. Find a sacred spot outdoors and invite the creatures to be with you for the purpose of BALANCE. Nature is the great healer and nurturer of the human soul; giving us refuge, healing, and strength.

2. Sing, drum, and breathe into possible balance and harmony through our connections.

3. Allow a larger form of consciousness to arise that includes and transcends vulnerabilities concerning the pandemic and other struggles.

4. Feel the tie that binds our hearts in Conscious Love. Invite healing for those who suffer, and for yourselves. We are all in this together.


Ongoing Psychotherapy Groups

Group Open Enrollment

1. Stress and Anxiety

     Adult Group

     Adolescent Group

     Children's Group

2. Grief, Loss, and Healing

     Adult Group

     Adolescent Group

     Children's Group


      Adult Group

In our groups we will emphasize storytelling--sharing stories of lives and losses, learning from each other, sharing the pain of another's heart, and the inspiration from each other's epiphanies. We create a comforting secure mode through our common humanity. Everywhere, everyone gravitates to a shared secure space.

All groups will be held here at Wild Blue Heron Center, overlooking the Hardware River; 15 miles from Charlottesville, 11 miles from Scottsville, and 5 miles from Crossroads Store Rt. 29 South on historic Plank Road.

The facilitator will be Victoria Moore, LPC. Ms. Moore has facilitated hundreds of psychotherapy groups over the course of her career.

Call for details and registration. $25 per session.


Course Open Enrollment

"THRIVING IN YOUR THIRD ACT: Women Finding Fire and Fulfillment After 50"

The life experiences you've navigated, the paths you've pioneered, the work you've done in the world, is only the beginning - a launch pad into an inspiring "third act", where you give and receive in equal parts, enriching the lives of others and making a difference in everything you do. You will be inspired to walk freshly in new ways, both for yourself and for others.


You will explore the interwoven bond between grief and gratitude, sorrow, and intimacy. The use of art, poetry, and writing will expand your connections and understandings. You will also create tactile forms of honoring your ancestors and loved ones. These tools, as well as ceremony, will aid in the transformation of grief, allowing you to live and love more fully.


As you  embrace a future filled with exciting new opportunities for personal growth, you will become a sage, an active and responsible elder, whose efforts help heal the family, the community, and the planet. A sage is the important role of wisdom keeper and guide - the crowning achievement of a lifetime. A time of life embraced with dignity, grace, wisdom, and unlimited generativity.


You will learn to fully own your own stories as you move into your present and future with courage and authenticity. You will be invited to open the covers of your life, to find the marvels inside. You will explore your life as an ongoing narrative, discovering the personal mythologies unconsciously lived, break free of them, and consciously create your own personal future. You will become artful in the way of the inner landscape, learning to help yourself and others reach expanded potential through your ideas, aspirations, and wishes. You will connect more deeply with yourself and others, getting to the core of who you are, embracing yourself, and trusting in your wholeness.


Walking the Labyrinth quiets the mind, opens the heart and grounds the body. The Labyrinth is a mirror of the soul that reflects back to us where we are on our journeys. The Labyrinth opens the door to self-reflection and allows us to comprehend and release the psycho-spiritual issues that need clearing. In this course, you will learn the history and archetypal meaning of the Labyrinth and how it addresses our spiritual needs from an inclusive perspective. We will explore the feminine principle and why it is so central to healing Western dualism. You will learn the ancient meditative practice of walking the Labyrinth to help you nurture the innate embodied wisdom we all have access to. When we walk the Labyrinth, our intuition and imagination are open and available both to us and to our community in new and profound ways. 

Each course will consist of six sessions. Each session will last 90 minutes. The number of participants per class will be capped at 12. The fee is $15 per course session. Walking the trails and the river, as well as art, poetry, writing, and ceremony will be incorporated in the process. Refreshments will be served.

Before the beginning of a course, a recommended, but not required, book list will be sent to enrolled participants. Hand-outs will be provided at course meetings.

Call for details and registration.


Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Victoria A. Moore, LPC - Founder and Executive Director

Psychotherapist; Psychological and Educational Consultant;

Health and Wellness Counselor for Ubiquity University;

Certified Eco-Spiritual Mentor

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Wild Blue Heron Center

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